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Institute for Cardiovascular and Critical Care Research

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The Institute pursues clinical-cardiological, clinical intensive medical and translational research, with a concentration on patient-focussed and applied clinical research.
Research focuses deliberately not on purely cardiological issues but also on intensive medicine issues in the field of cardiology, since there are here still a good number of outstanding questions that are also of relevance to patients. As a regional centre, we also concentrate on the field of electrophysiology and cardiac insufficiency, interventional cardiology and interventional heart valve therapy. The latter distinguished by a very close cooperation with the in-house cardiac surgery department, which also operates the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery (director Prof. Dr. M. Grabenwöger). In the field of cardiac insufficiency therapy we treat a very large number of patients with CRT cardiac resynchronisation systems, which will be one of the focuses of our research activity in the coming years.

Priv. Doz. Dr. Georg Delle-Karth
Priv. Doz. Dr. Georg Delle-Karth
Foto: © feel image
Präsident Schwarz überreicht Prim. Delle-Karth anlässlich des 5. Landsteiner-Tages die Institutstafel
President Schwarz presents Prim. Delle-Karth with the institute’s plaque on the occasion of the 5th Landsteiner Session