Karl Landsteiner Gesellschaft

Institute for Cardiometabolic Diseases

Institute Director
  • Univ. Prof. PD DDr. Thomas Weiss, FESC
    Wiedner Hauptstraße 45-47/3/24a
    1040 Wien
  • Dr. Miklos Rohla, PhD
Work at the Institute

On the basis of many years of expertise in the field of clinical, epidemiological, translational and fundamental research, the creation of this Institute is intended to form the foundation for new integrative and interprofessional approaches in clinical research in the ever-growing field of cardiometabolic diseases. This will involve an ongoing exchange of ideas and personnel with the Center for Clinical Heart Research, Oslo.
The focus is currently on two projects:

  1. A study in the field of hypertonia in collaboration with the Lower Austrian Pharmaceutical Society
  2. A study in the field of diabetes and the heart at the interface between practitioners and the in-patient sector.
Prim. Univ. Prof. PD Dr. Thomas Weiss, PhD FESC
Univ. Prof. PD DDr. Thomas WEISS, FESC
Foto: © Jeff Mangione